Tesla vs Ford: A battle for Model E

Tesla definitely has been making headlines.

Last year, the company garnered the highest ever Consumer Report score. Its Model S was adjudged as one of the best cars of the year by critics and enthusiasts.

Image Source: istockanalyst.com

Tesla CEO Elon Musk was also all over the media not only for releasing statements for the company but also for dishing out some controversial statements over a media article.

What could be filed under odd news, though, is Tesla’s battle with Ford for a patent on the “Model E” name.

Image Source: wikipedia.org

Tesla filed for the patent last year, in line with an earlier announcement of the model’s planned market release sometime in 2016 or 2017. It’s speculated that the 200-mile, third generation electric car model will be pitted against a BMW line.

However, Ford also filed a patent for the same name late last year. It is rather interesting to find the reason behind this, since Ford never manufactured a Model E. What it did release was a Model F in the early 1900s, later known as the “Delivery Car” and unofficially called Model E.

Image Source: gigaom.com

Since then, Ford never claimed a patent for the name, and it has also not sold a “Model E” in over a century. It is believed that the name is being claimed for a concept car that will be unveiled in the future.

Who will get ownership of the name? Will this involve a big legal battle? Experts and enthusiasts will just have to wait and find out in the next few months.

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